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MANSORY pays great attention to precisely fitting components in the Cayenne, and at the same time, sporty individual design. The precisely aligned details represent the ideal implementation of the high standards which MANSORY set themselves, making this Sports Utility Vehicle a real head-turner. Even in your rear view mirror, the MANSORY Cayenne looks considerably beefier, with a new front apron, new LED daytime running lights and an extra light bonnet made completely from carbon fibre, which optimises air supply to the engine via air channels. This impression is strengthened even further by the side skirts which smooth the flow of air between the axles.

At the back, there is a newly-designed apron, where the integrated diffuser leaves space for the stainless steel pipes of the MANSORY sports exhaust unit. A roof spoiler for extra downforce and a rear spoiler lip gives the MANSORY Cayenne greater stability at high speeds. The engineers have made almost all the aerodynamic components from prepreg autoclave carbon, a characteristic of MANSORY.


Sophisticated elegance characterises the White Ghost’s Limited image. The name ties into the theme here: MANSORY wraps the Rolls-Royce’s silhouette in a subtle white hue. It accents the car’s body style as well as its understated upgrades in an optimal and stylish manner. The new front-end featuring additional LED daytime running lights and vertical air outlets on the sides, directly beneath the serial cooling grill are distinct eye-catchers. This is in perfect harmony with MANSORY’s side skirts, the rear view mirrors on each side, the rear spoiler as well as the rear apron with implied diffuser and dual sport-exhaust-system.


MANSORY have been developing and producing exclusive tuning for the British luxury automobiles since 1987. Their latest creation is a limited edition of 50 stylish bodywork modification sets for the Bentley GT and GTC. The kit named EDITION 50 consists of a newly designed front apron with integrated LED lights, new front wings, side skirts, a rear spoiler lip and a rear apron with diffuser insert and matching stainless steel exhaust tips.


Nothing looks pretentious or ostentatious, all MANSORY components add to the standard production bodywork, in a distinguished, seamless manner. The kit is rounded off by entrance panels with an illuminated logo and number indication of the limited edition.


MANSORY make their bodywork components in a traditional way using carbon fibre in an autoclave. In this process, carbon fibre sheets are put into moulds and hardened in an autoclave under high pressure at high temperature. The benefits of this high-tech process speak for themselves: Acceleration, stopping distances and the fuel consumption of the vehicle are all improved due to the reduction in weight of the car.


Whether it is striking alloy wheels, powerful increases in performance or exquisite accessories for the interior, MANSORY can offer a wide range of additional individualisation options, specifically designed for the eight and twelve cylinder Bentley model range.

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