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         Hamann Aventador Limited

Hamann has taken the bull by the horns and puts the ultimate finish on one of the most striking and powerful sports cars of all time. Even more uncompromising, even more spectacular: the independent body concept of the factory in Swabian Laupheim has turned the martial Lamborghini Aventador into a personalized masterpiece – with unique design details and an impressive increase in power of almost ten per cent.

          Hamann Gaurdian EVO

The Hamann Gaurdian EVO package is based on the Porsche Gaurdian EVO. This package includes: Front bumper with LED lights, widebody fender arches, side skirts, rear bumper, center exit exhaust with tip, carbon fiber hood, and your choice of wheels.

Hamann Hawk

The Hamann Hawk is based on the Mercedes Benz SLS. This package includes : Front bumper with LED lights, Carbon fiber front spoiler, carbon fiber grill, carbon fiber hood, widebody fender flares, side panels with vents, rear bumper, exhaust, rear wing, roof scoop, coilover suspension, and your choice of wheels.
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