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ACS8 Coupè


The AC Schnitzer Program for the BMW 8 series (G14, G15)


New member of the sporty High Society
The 8 series by AC Schnitzer sets new standards in sportiness and luxury

The sporty high society has arrived in Munich at the latest with the introduction of the BMW 8 series. And as expected, luxury in an even more sporty form is now coming from Aachen.

ACS5 Sport


AC Schnitzer has taken the new M5 to another level. The carbon front spoiler elements added to the lower bumper to create more downforce and directing air into the intercoolers. The sport suspension adjusts the center of gravity. A sporty exhaust system helps add a more aggressive tone while increasing hp. Performance software increases power output. Lightweight forged wheels round out the full package. 


In 2013, the new BMW X5 celebrated its market launch. Now in 2014, there is another reason for the new SUV giant to celebrate, because the tuning experts at AC Schnitzer have taken it into their workshop to give the third generation X5 a facelift. The result is a vehicle which can scarcely be equalled in terms of power, sporting performance and superiority.
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